Light curtains, grids work for all applications

September 26, 2013

Light curtains, grids work for all applications -

ABB Jokab Safety has introduced Focus II light curtains and light grids. According to the company, a single model can be used for all applications, eliminating the need for multiple versions to meet varying machines’ safety requirements.

The products include a transmitter and receiver that scan continuously to detect any objects that break the optical barrier. If any light beam is interrupted, the machine movement is stopped by outputs from the light curtain. Reaction time varies from 14 to 45 ms, depending on the number of beams in the light curtain or grid.

Quick connects and custom, adjustable brackets help simplify installation. The system also allows for partial or complete muting. A muting override makes it possible to bypass the light curtain if a machine start is necessary even if one or more light beams is interrupted.