Low-profile safety light curtain designed for use on smaller production machines

December 20, 2011

Banner Engineering Corp. has introduced the EZ-SCREEN® low-profile safety light curtain with integral muting. Designed for use on smaller production machines, the Type 4 safety light curtain performs in compact spaces.

Integral muting adds flexibility for mounting, hookup options, and functionality. Available in a variety of sizes with end-to-end sensing, the light curtain can be installed within the machine frame to eliminate holes or dead zones in the sensing field.

The light curtain has a sensing span of 4 in. to 23 ft. It offers seven predefined muting configuration options, including bypass, mute-dependent override, mute enable, and mute-cycle time extensions for L-style cell exit application. Additionally, mute lamp and status outputs can be relayed to the light curtain with a removable disconnect cord set and accessory end-cap mounting bracket.

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