PAPR designed for welding in extreme conditions

May 7, 2014

Optrel Inc., a provider of auto-darkening filter technology for welding helmets, has introduced the new e3000, a NIOSH-approved, powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) designed for welders working in extreme conditions.

Two-channel air distribution inside the helmet presents clean air to both the mouth and nose for breathing and to the forehead for cooling. Welders can adjust the airflow to three levels (200 to 240 NL/min.), depending on environmental requirements or personal comfort preferences.

Hose connections to the helmet and belt-based blower unit swivel to help ensure full range of movement. Flow sensors perform an automatic airflow check at start-up, eliminating the need for welders to manually check the system every time they use it. Audible alarms alert welders of a missing or clogged filter or low battery. Welders can access controls on the blower without removing gloves or the unit itself.

The respirator can be used with the manufacturer’s e680, e670, or e650 helmets in all welding processes.

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