PPE designed for increased compliance

July 16, 2012

3M offers new earmuffs and headsets designed to be comfortable and convenient for increased compliance.

On the Peltor H9A-02 earmuff, the lightweight ear cups have replaceable inserts to reduce moisture absorption. The Peltor H505B earmuff, designed to fit under most welding helmets, features a two-point suspension for balanced pressure distribution.

The Peltor PowerCom-BRS two-way radio headset and Peltor DECT-Com II duplex radio system headset eliminate the need for boom microphones while allowing more natural-sounding ambient listening.

The H-700 series hard hat is equipped with a Uvicator sensor that changes color from red to white as the hard hat is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, alerting the wearer when it’s due for a replacement. The lightweight hard hat features a low-profile design for stability and balance and includes accessory slots for the company’s cap-mounted earmuffs, head gear, face shields, and welding helmets.

The manufacturer also has upgraded its E-A-Rfit validation system, a quantitative hearing protector fit-test. In less than 8 seconds per ear, the system generates a personal attenuation rating that indicates a worker’s noise reduction for a given fitting and hearing protector.