Safety light curtains now available with 14-mm resolution

January 11, 2005

Scientific Technologies Inc. has added a 14-mm resolution version to its MegaSafe® MG4600 line of safety light curtains, which now offers detection capabilities from 14-mm finger detection to 50-mm arm detection.

The series comes with a complete safety light curtain features set and is designed to meet the safeguarding requirements for automotive applications, including those of Ford and DaimlerChrysler, as well as the Ford EL4 standard.

The light curtain has a sturdy housing. It provides protected heights from 435 mm (17 in.) to 2,086 mm (83 in.) and sensing ranges of 7.5 m (24.5 ft.) to 20 m (65 ft.), depending on system resolution. Control-reliable circuitry eliminates the need for a separate controller, and patented Individual Beam Indicators simplify alignment.

Additional features include field-replaceable safety relays and weld shield, floating blanking to block up to two beams anywhere in the zone, and exact channel select to block selected beams permanently where machine parts will obstruct a portion of the zone.

Options include MPCE monitoring for control reliability, machine test signal (MTS) to verify proper safety output operation, and DeviceNet interface for non-safety-related data communication between the curtain, the main machine controller, and other nodes residing on the fieldbus. Optional automatic start and start/restart interlock modes allow the curtain to be configured for either point-of-operation or perimeter guarding.

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