Small footprint dust, fume collection system available in units up to 10,000 CFM

March 5, 2010

The Torit® PowerCore® TG series from Donaldson Co. Inc. is designed for the collection of dust generated in thermal processes, such as welding, laser cutting, plasma cutting, and thermal spray application. It has a footprint that is up to 65 percent smaller than most cartridge collectors and is available in units up to 10,000 CFM.

The unit's compact filter packs are accessible through one large door, and quick-release latches provide immediate access; no tools are required. One offset-stack filter pack can replace up to three traditional cartridge filters, according to the company.

The filter packs use flame-retardant Ultra-Web® media, which incorporates a layer of nanofiber designed to intercept even small dust and fume particles at the surface of the media flutes. Fluted channels are alternately sealed, allowing air to enter through an open flute and forcing it to exit through an adjacent flute.