Torch tip kits provide double safety protection

December 7, 2004

Smith Equipment offers a line of Dual Guard™ cutting, welding, and heating outfits. The Dual Guard torch provides double safety protection with an in-head flash arrester and in-tip gas mixing technology.

The kits are available in heavy- duty and medium-duty models. Capable of cutting up to 8-in.-thick steel, the heavy-duty kit includes three cutting tips, a heating tip (rosebud), and a welding tip. It also contains two brass regulators, a Dual Guard cutting assembly, Dual Guard handle, and a tip cleaner.

Capable of cutting up to 6-in.-thick steel, the medium-duty kit includes two cutting tips, a heating tip, and a welding tip. It also contains brass regulators, a cutting assembly, handle, and tip cleaner.

Cutting tips are Graf-tite® soft-seat and can be changed by hand. The flame-tested torches have a reversible cutting lever for top or bottom mounting and an ergonomic handle with raised ribs. Other features include reverse-flow check valves with replaceable filters to stop debris from entering the torch, ease-on-oxygen control, and nickel plating.

Optional accessories for both kits include a 25-ft. hose, goggles, and a striker.