10.25-in. carbide saw introduced

May 11, 2009

Tsune America LLc has added the TK5C-260G ferrous carbide saw to its product line. The machine is equipped with a resharpenable 830 mm diameter carbide saw blade that provides a cutting capacity from 3.15 in. to 10. 25 in. in diameter and 3.15 in. to 8.86 in. for squares.

The machine has a fully cast base and independently operated, full stroking main vises. It uses a menu-driven touchscreen CNC to construct a cutting program that can be stored in a jobs file for immediate recall for quick changeover. Once a material is chosen from the AISI material library, the saw automatically sets the optimum cutting parameters.

The saw has material input options of either a one-position powered conveyor, or a two-position, side-shifting magazine for prestaging upcoming jobs.

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