Band saw facilitates high-speed cutting, short cycle times

December 15, 2009

The HBM 540A/ALU band saw, designed for high-speed cutting of metals and short cycle times, is available from Behringer Saws Inc.

Using bimetal or carbide-tipped saw blades, the heavy-duty machine cuts aluminum profiles and solids. It can cut rounds up to 21.2 in. in diameter and rectangular shapes up to 24.8 by 21.2 in. Constructed with a cast-iron bow frame that travels on three sets of vertical linear ways and guides, the saw features a frequency-controlled, 29.5-HP, high-speed main drive motor with a variable speed range between 984 and 4,264 SFM.

The double-chip conveyor system removes a high volume of chips spun off during quick cutting cycles. The band saw's sawing cell is completely enclosed to help ensure operator safety and to keep chips and coolant inside the machine. Large doors provide access to the area for cleaning and maintenance.

The saw is controlled by a PLC and features an operator's terminal with diagnostic display, data entry, and program storage. Feed is up to 19.6 in. with a single stroke and 14.76 ft. with multiple strokes for longer materials. The floating gripper feed unit holds materials forcefully with variable hydraulic clamping pressure so that the operator can fine-tune the grip on the material to be cut.

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