Fixed-angle notcher includes coper station

March 13, 2007

COMEQ inc. offers the AMERICOR LE Series of hydraulic fixed-angle notchers. Besides the standard triangular notch, the machine also offers a coper station on the opposite side, making it a double-station machine.

Standard features include engraved brass scales, squaring guides with reference holes every 15 degrees, a 20-in. movable guide, two extra long engraved three-function scales, front or side mountable support arms, six spring-loaded hold-downs, blade inching, auto lube of slide, and a 35-in. by 14-in. table.

Capacities are 10 in. by 10 in. -in. mild steel and 5/32-in. stainless steel on the triangular station; 4 in. by 6in. -in. mild steel and 5/32-in. stainless steel on the coper station.

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