Air-actuated nozzle assemblies feature universal mounting

August 14, 2013

Air-actuated nozzle assemblies feature universal mounting -

Bex Inc. has introduced a new series of universal-mount nozzle assemblies, available in both T-tip and atomizing configurations. In a multinozzle line, the universal mounting system allows individual nozzles to be removed for quick-disconnect maintenance or replacement. The nozzles are affixed to the line with a set screw assembly and mounting slot.

The atomizing nozzles mix air and liquid supplied at line pressures of up to 125 PSI. The self-contained air cylinder provides controlled on/off operation at any desired frequency up to 180 cycles/min. The nozzles, made from nickel-plated brass or stainless steel, come in a choice of round, wide-angle round, and flat spray patterns.

The air-atomizing nozzles use compressed air (or gas) to produce an accurately controlled liquid dispersion in applications in which a conventional spray nozzle would not be suitable. The packings and gaskets in the nozzle withstand continuous use at temperatures up to 400 degrees F, and the air cylinder packing is recommended for temperatures up to 150 degrees F.