Chip vacuum can be moved from drum to drum to separate materials for recycling

November 1, 2010

Exair's new Chip Vac picks up chips and delivers them to an ordinary 30-gal. drum. It can be moved from drum to drum to keep different materials separate for recycling. It is used to clean chips from fixtures, floors, and work surfaces of saws, machining centers, and other industrial equipment.

The compressed air-powered vacuum creates a direct flow action that moves metal, wood, and plastic chips into the user's 30-gal. drum. Dusty materials such as absorbents are trapped by the 0.1-micron filter bag to keep the surrounding air clean.

The model 6193-30 includes a shutoff valve; filter bag; drum lid with locking ring; 10-ft., flexible vacuum hose; aluminum chip wand; two extension wands; a crevice tool; brush; skimmer; and floor tool. Other models are available to fit 5-, 55-, and 110-gal. drums. Premium 55- and 110-gal. systems include drums.

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