Control unit supplements existing drive with universal vector control, encoder feedback

May 19, 2014

Siemens Industry Inc. has announced the availability of the new Sinamics CU250S-2 control unit for use with its Sinamics G120 variable-speed drives. The unit provides vector control with encoder feedback. Additionally, the operation of single-axis applications with exact speed and torque control on induction motors, as well as positioning tasks with high demand on I/O, are supported, with different encoder interfaces provided on the module. These new units complete the G120 product portfolio and replace the CU240S with encoder interface.

Typical applications for these control units include single drives with a large number of I/O or those with high-speed control requirements, including extruders, centrifuges, wire-drawing machines, basic fabric webs, conveyors and lifters in markets ranging from automotive assembly, textiles, printing, and chemical processing to nearly all conveyors and material handling.

The units can be combined with existing power modules to support all G120 drive applications, with or without encoder evaluation, for demanding applications requiring speed feedback. Additionally, STO (safe torque off), SBC (safe brake control), and SS1 (safe stop 1) features are all integrated, enabling their application on basic safety requirements. An optional software license extends safety functions along with software for a single positioning function.

Comprehensive communications interfaces for general machine building, including Profibus DP, Profinet (Ethernet I/P), RS485 (USS protocol, Modbus RTU), and CANopen, are provided on the control, which allows connection to other Siemens systems as well as external automation systems. No external gateway is needed.

Other features include an integrated USB port so users can go online to facilitate engineering setup and maintenance, plus an integrated slot for an SD card to allow cloning and firmware updates or upgrades.