Dome pressure regulator in preassembled set suitable for use in confined spaces

September 26, 2011

Witt-Gasetechnik offers the 757LE, its largest dome pressure regulator with 2-in. ID (DN50), as a preassembled set, including control module, pre- and postpressure gauges, and connecting parts.

The pressure regulator set is ready for installation and tested; it only needs to be inserted in the gas line. Once inserted, the system helps ensure constant pressure conditions even when withdrawal volumes fluctuate.

The regulator can be used for all common gases. Outlet pressure of 2 to 30 bar is possible, while inlet pressure can be up to 40 bar. It can reach a Kv value of 11.

Because of its comparably compact design, the regulator is suitable for use in confined spaces and allows position-independent installation.

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