Dot peen system marks up to four characters/sec.

June 26, 2012

The I-Mark™ H series from Columbia Marking Tools is a programmable dot peen system that marks metal parts at speeds up to four characters/sec. It can perform linear, angular, circular, and 2-D data matrix imprinting in either benchtop or hand-held mode.

The turnkey system comes with a pneumatic dot peen marking head with carbide pin; multiple character fonts, including optical character recognition (OCR); compact controller with preloaded software; a benchtop stand with quick-release feature; a 17-in. color monitor; a full-size keyboard with integrated mouse; and all required cables.

The benchtop stand has a 12- by 14-in. T-slot table for parts fixturing and a column that can be adjusted for parts up to 12 in. tall. Marking windows are 1.59 by 2.35 in. or 3.18 by 7.87 in. A cart and custom part locating stand-off are optional.

The preloaded software offers a GUI with simple icons that allow setup without programming experience. It features drag-and-drop functionality, video demonstrations, and an extensive help file. A marking simulator allows users to test marking positions before actually marking a part.

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