Heavy-duty permanent sweeper magnet available in various strengths

November 11, 2008

Storch Magnetics manufactures the Magnetic Road Sweeper that uses either a permanent magnet or an electromagnet for vehicle-mounted applications to sweep industrial or commercial floors, work sites, roadways, construction sites, and other areas that require removal of ferrous materials.

Sweepers are available in various magnetic strengths from standard to high intensity in both permanent and electromagnetic technologies. The sweeper magnets are available in 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, and 8-ft.-wide models. The magnet for each model is the length of the unit by 10 in. wide and 3 in. deep. It can sweep ferrous scrap from small to large bolts, nuts, shavings, chips, hammers C-clamps, shrapnel, and other types of hazardous ferrous materials.

Each magnet has a release lever mounted on the side and is engineered for a 3-in. sweeping height, with higher sweeping heights available. Sweepers also are available with a battery-operated hydraulic release that is activated by the vehicle driver.

The company also offers a series of high-powered electromagnetic sweepers that use an onboard gas or diesel generator for skid steer and forklifts. These units have an on/off switch activated by the operator. The generator that operates the electromagnet also can power hand tools.

Applications include snowplows, trucks, Hi-Los, Bobcats, tractors, and utility vehicles. The magnetic sweepers are made from 304 stainless steel.

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