Marker writes on rough, rusty materials

September 12, 2012

Marker writes on rough, rusty materials -

LA-CO Industries offers the Markal® PRO-LINE® XT marker, designed to mark on dirty, rusty surfaces with paint that does not fade, even in extreme conditions, the company states.

Available in 14 colors, the marker's enamel-based paint binds quickly to the surface, resisting wear, weather, UV light, and chemicals. It is suitable for use in steel warehouses, metal production factories, welding, machining shops, shipbuilding, and the oil and natural gas industries.

The marker is free of many harmful chemicals commonly found in liquid paint markers. With a marking temperature range of -50 to 150 degrees F, it comes in 12 colors that are low in chlorides, halogens, and sulfur for use on stainless steel or in any low-corrosion marking application.

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