Oscillating fan covers 100-to 200-ft. area

May 24, 2010

Oscillating fan covers 100-to 200-ft. area - TheFabricator

The Pivot 180 from Big Ass Fans is the company's first oscillating fan engineered to mount on a column and cover an area equivalent to four tennis courts. The 6-ft.-dia. fan, suitable for tight spaces or areas with ceiling obstructions, oscillates horizontally to provide 180 degrees of airflow covering a 100- by 200-ft. area.

The fan features a proprietary airfoil and winglet combination for maximum air movement. It can be mounted to any structural column, and flexible pivoting joints allow head angle adjustments. The oscillation function can be turned off to aim more concentrated airflow in any direction.

According to the manufacturer, the fan is eight times quieter than a 34-in., high-velocity fan.

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