Pneumatic gripper withstands hot forming environments

April 27, 2010

Pneumatic gripper withstands hot forming environments - TheFabricator

Bilsing Automation North America has announced the availability of its PSQ40 pneumatic gripper, designed to withstand hot forming environments, such as those required to produce A and B pillars and side and roof rails for automobiles.

The 2.65-lb. gripper is capable of 3 million cycles and can handle workpiece temperatures up to 1,000 degrees C. It has a piston diameter of 1.57 in. and a gripping force of 450 N at 70 PSI to handle heavy components. The gripper features short opening and closing cycles.

The unit is available in both a heat-resisting, single-point metal jaw style or a ceramic, single-point jaw style. Both feature a sensor to help ensure correct part positioning.