Press automation controller features built-in backup utility

October 11, 2008

Honeywell Wintriss's flagship press automation controller, SmartPAC® comes standard with a built-in backup utility. The utility allows setup memory to be backed up over the Ethernet to a designated location on a user-selected server and later restored to the controller if an unforeseen incident causes the memory to become corrupted.

The backup capability is configured using the company's SmartView networking utility, which also allows users to view the status of the jobs running in networked SmartPAC 2s from any computer via the Internet.

Besides backup, standard functions available to networked SmartPAC 2s include the ability for press operators to send text messages via pager, cell phones, and e-mail and for firmware upgrades to be downloaded to the SmartPAC 2 from a Wintriss Web site. Users who want to create a paperless shop can purchase the Info Center option, which makes drawings, photos, and setup sheets available to networked SmartPAC 2s from the user's server.

A backup option for non-networked SmartPAC 2s also is being introduced.

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