Protective packaging prevents corrosion

April 11, 2006

Birchwood Casey offers the INTERCEPT® SPS packaging, which provides a protective, corrosion-free zone around metal parts. The packaging material neutralizes and removes corrosive elements in the air around the part as it is stored without the use of chemicals.

The packaging is suitable for all types of products that are shipped overseas or stored for long periods of time indoors or outdoors. The material consists of a polyethylene film infused with metallic copper particles and activated carbon.

These nonhazardous materials neutralize and absorb corrosive elements inside the package through sacrificial galvanic action and absorption. Natural biocides kill acid-producing bacteria, mold, and fungus that may be present inside the package or in fingerprints.

According to the manufacturer, the packaging has a storage life of more than 20 years under normal warehouse conditions. It produces no fumes, no outgassing of volatile organic compounds, and poses no danger of worker sensitivity or allergic reactions.

The packaging is available in presized bags; large, gusseted tote bin-sized bags; shrink film; stretch film; and flat stock.