Recruiter helps manufacturers fill technical positions

January 9, 2014

Prevue HR Systems acts as an extension of a manufacturing company's human resources department by providing turnkey hiring of technical personnel. Using an automated online hiring system and consulting services, the firm helps HR professionals evaluate candidates and fill key positions.

The company's three-step hiring process includes job analysis, online recruiting and screening, and job fit testing. These services are offered under an all-inclusive annual license, which provides manufacturing companies with the flexibility to fill as many vacancies as needed throughout the year.

With this hiring system, manufacturers have access to a huge manufacturing job library, which includes detailed job descriptions, behavioral interview questions, screening questions, and job profiles. By editing these descriptions, HR personnel can build a custom job package in minutes.

The firm designs and builds a branded career website for each customer and assists the customer in designing advertisements for job openings. It then posts the ads to top job sites in North America, including job boards, social media sites, and referral programs, to provide a flow of candidates to the branded website.

Once top candidates are identified, job fit testing tools are used to measure each candidate’s learning speed, motivations, interests, and personality match. Each candidate is compared to a benchmark of the attributes of a successful employee in the position to generate custom interview questions for the employer and hiring reports that rank the candidates based on overall job suitability.