Resistance welding system enhanced with electrically operated linear servo actuators for improved weld pressure control

October 20, 2009

T.J. Snow Co., Chattanooga, Tenn., now offers a resistance welding system with electrically operated linear servo actuators designed to eliminate problems associated with pneumatic systems.

The user-friendly servo system can be used on standard AC welders and on machines with newer MFDC inverter-type supplies.

According to the company, the system generates weld force instantly; lowers operating costs by eliminating the need for compressed air; improves weld force repeatability; and has a slow-approachfeature that minimizes electrode wear and improves weld appearance. It includes built-in monitors for verifying proper part stack-up and monitoring electrode wear, a set-down monitor with programmable limits for projection welding, and a retractable stroke function.

Requiring a simple two-step process, the system features a heavy-duty, long-life roller screw servo design that provides up to 5,000 lbs. of weld force. Absolute encoder feedback lets the servo know its exact position, even on power up.

As each weld is made, the current, force, and set-down values are logged and stored on a compact flash card for documentation purposes. Data can be exported in an Excel format through copy and paste, or automatically via an FTP server. The system also can automatically generate e-mails to designated personnel when certain faults occur.

The system also has built-in part and tip wear counters.

Current, force, travel, set-down, and counters can be viewed from the main interface screen during the process.

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