Analysis software shows payoff time for using controllable dies for notchers

June 3, 2014

Schuler has introduced eCon analysis software for calculating the break-even point of using controllable dies for notchers in the production of electric motor laminations.

For a conventional single notch, the operator first inserts the blank, the notcher cuts the stator notches, simultaneously cuts out the blank for the rotor, and the operator removes the two blanks. He then needs to change the die for the next step. The rotor blank then is inserted and cut, and the finished rotor can be removed.

With the aid of a controllable die, the stator and rotor can be notched with a single clamping operation. There is no need to change dies and load the rotor blanks again.

The analysis tool shows that a controllable die can be worthwhile from an annual output of 100,000 rotors and stators.

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