Compound tooling produces stampings in single stroke

September 6, 2012

Compound tooling produces stampings in single stroke -

Dayton Progress will feature DAYSet™ high-precision compound tooling, a complete tooling system for the production of stamped products in a single-step operation, at FABTECH 2012. The system allows 15-min. tool changeover, making it suitable for short and medium runs, prototyping, and quick-changeover environments.

Based on the Hovis die principle, but with an improved design, the tooling eliminates the need for progressive dies, according to the company. The technology allows for the production of stamped parts, such as washers, in varying thicknesses, sizes, shapes, and materials, even in short runs. It is suitable for such industries as aerospace, agriculture, automotive, consumer goods, commercial engines, factory automation, marine, material handling, medical/scientific, national defense, pharmaceutical, and trucks and buses.

The preassembled master compound die set works with the compound tooling to produce flat blanks in a single press stroke. This two-post die set with adjustable guides includes a knockout and a key for irregular shapes. Changeover to different tooling for a different part size or shape can be accomplished by removing screws and replacing the tool.

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