High-precision punch, die grinder comes completely fixtured

November 29, 2010

High-precision punch, die grinder comes completely fixtured - TheFabricator.com

Mate Precision Tooling has introduced the ValuGrind™ high-precision grinder for punch and die maintenance. Available for either thick-turret or TRUMPF®-style tooling, the grinder comes completely fixtured.

Features include a 6.5-in.-dia. diamond grinding wheel; an inner wheel cooling system; a 1,050-W motor that delivers 4,050 RPM; 0.001-in.-increment grind depth control; and a compact, portable tabletop design.

The machine handles the manufacturer's thick-turret tooling styles, including original, AMX, MT, MTG, MTG Long, MXC, Ultra, and A through E station sizes, as well as equivalent-sized competitors' thick-turret tooling. It also handles Size 1 and Size 2 TRUMPF-style tooling products, including Next, QuickLock, and Multi Tool tooling, and equivalent-sized competitors' tooling.

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