Motion controller has up to 16 axes

April 12, 2005

Soft Servo Systems Inc. offers its SMP series motion controllers with up to 16 axes, an industry-standard soft programmable logic controller, and a Windows®-based GUI application in a single package.

The controllers are suitable for packaging, material handling, pick and place, converting, laser cutting/engraving, and plasma cutting. They come in four-axis, eight-axis, and 16 axis models.

Developers can embed custom motion programming using C/C++, Java™, Visual Basic® (Windows only), or Delphi™ (Linux only). A motion development kit includes motion and logic APIs with API source code and sample source code for creating customized GUIs and motion control applications.

A single Windows NT/2000/XP/XPe-compatible PC with a real-time extension to the operating system performs all servo control, including feedback loops and NC path generation, as well as provides the user interface, data processing, plant monitoring, network communications, file management, and CAD/CAM.

The soft programmable logic controller bundled with the system provides independent and individual position of axes. It includes a console for creating, editing, compiling, monitoring, and debugging sequence programs, as well as utility tools.

All systems include an application for setting up, tuning, and running the system. This application also offers optional memory mode operation to program and run motion programs with a G-codelike motion programming language.