Necking machine designed for aerosol and beverage can makers

August 11, 2009

Hinterkopf offers metal can manufacturing systems with high-precision necking machines manufactured by Schuler.

The N40V integrated system is designed for the aerosol and beverage can markets. The press body is separated from the drive forces, and the slide guiding is play-free, both of which contribute to accurate part positioning and precise forming movement, the manufacturer states.

The machine features 40 workstations that enable the addition of forming tools, such as cutting and rolling stations. The stroke can be adjusted in 1-in. increments up to a maximum length of 12.75 in. to enable body shaping. This maximum stroke length means that necking up to 7 in. on cylinders of up to 12.5 in. long can be formed.

The machine's maximum output varies according to the stroke length. Up to 240 cans/min. can be produced with a short stroke of 6 in. With a long stroke of 10.5 in., the machine can make 150 cans/min.

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