Patented process creates blanks from steel and aluminum

May 13, 2008

Kendor Steel Rule Die offers a patented process for flat, configured metal blanking. It combines low-volume blanking, CNC laser-cut tooling, and automation. Designed, fabricated, operated, and maintained in-house, the tooling holds tolerances to &#plusmn; 0.015 in. and is guaranteed to last the life of the project.

This process creates blanks in a variety of intricate, flat shapes. It also can be used on steel up to 0.375 in. thick and aluminum up to 0.500 in. Elaborate cutouts, knockouts, part members, and small details are performed on the company's CNC turret punch presses.

The process doesn't anneal the work material as laser cutters can. It delivers a superior edge condition, according to the company, which allows for improved forming, welding, and paint adhesion characteristics.

The company specializes in part runs between 500 and 40,000 pieces. Efficiencies are higher with runs of 3,000 or more, effectively eliminating tooling costs.

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