Punch press tooling designed for extended life

September 9, 2009

Mate Precision Tooling has introduced its AMX™ ABS tooling with lubrication features and high-speed steel to extend tool life. The punches and strippers are compatible with Amada ABS assemblies and holders.

The tooling has internal lubrication within the punch guide and external lubrication between the punch guide and the turret bore. This internal lubrication of all critical tool components helps prevent galling, slivering, and slug pulling. The lubrication functions are computer-controlled within the turret press and can be programmed and regulated according to punching requirements.

Optional Maxima™ coatings and Nitride treatments are available. Maxima is a lubricious coating that acts as a barrier between the punch and sheet metal. Nitride is a heat treatment for abrasive and adhesive wear environments when punching thin materials.

Precision machined of premium M2 high speed steel with enhanced heat treatment, the punches combine with hardened and ground stripper guides to reduce galling, wear and heat. This results in optimum performance, high dimensional accuracy, and maximum tool life, the company says.

The tooling is available in A and B station punches, stripper guides, and assemblies, as well as C, D, and E station punches and strippers designed for use in all Amada machines equipped with ABS capability.

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