Stamping die design software add-on released

February 7, 2012

Logopress Corp. and its North American distributor, Accurate Die Design Inc., have released a Progressive Blank Companion add-on to the SolidWorks®-based Logopress3 software.

The add-on allows metal stamping die designers to model the 3-D, complex-shaped, intermediate stages of a progressively formed part in minutes instead of hours or days. The software is suitable for the design of progressive dies, transfer dies, line dies, and tooling for prototypes.

The software includes tools for constraining specific edges, faces, or pilot holes and allows the designer to lock the material in a specific direction. It includes a materials database with common material types, and the user can add other materials to the database. Besides simplifying and speeding up the modeling of intermediate stages, the add-on also provides localized information about thinning and thickening, as well as measuring stress and strain.