CMM arms incorporate absolute encoders

October 18, 2010

Hexagon Metrology Inc. has introduced the new line of Romer Absolute Arms. This series of CMM touch and laser scanning measuring arms incorporates absolute encoders, eliminating the homing procedure at start-up. Interchangeable feature packs allow arm capabilities to be changed or upgraded depending on requirements.

The seven-axis SI series with integrated laser scanners provides fully integrated 3-D scanning. The scanner is permanently incorporated into the seventh axis and weight-balanced with the Zero-G counterbalance feature. The feature pack contains the scanner interface, so no external controller box is required. Single-button, automatic laser power control allows scanning of different surface types.

The seven-axis SE series allows the connection of interchangeable external laser scanners, or it can be used without a scanner as a pistol-grip tactile inspection system. The feature pack capability allows a laser scanner to be added, changed, or upgraded at any time.