Commercial power sensor measures very high-power fiber lasers

October 4, 2013

Commercial power sensor measures very high-power fiber lasers -

Ophir Photonics, a Newport Corp. brand, has introduced the 100K-W laser power meter. According to the company, it is the first commercial sensor for measuring very high-power 100-kW lasers.

Designed for fiber lasers used in industrial material processing, such as thermal ablation, heavy-section welding, and metal forming, as well as military directed-energy applications, the portable meter is designed to allow measurement of near-infrared, Nd:YAG, and fiber lasers.

The meter measures high-power laser beams at a distance past the focal spot of the laser or, alternatively, at a distance from the diverging fiber output where the beam has expanded to about 3.94 in. dia.

A reflective cone in the meter deflects the laser beam onto the inner circumference of the sensor. This increases the radiated area and reduces the power density to manageable levels. As the cone dissipates the beam, it captures more than 99 percent of the radiation to minimize safety hazards. Response time is less than 1 min.

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