Hand-held oxygen monitor helps expedite purging

August 14, 2014

Aquasol’s Pro Ox® 100 digital, hand-held oxygen monitor is designed to expedite the purging process during high-purity welding applications, measuring up to 100 PPM (0.01 percent) oxygen resolution.

The self-calibrating monitor is equipped with an internal pump that draws a sample from the purge chamber and relays its oxygen resolution to the monitor. Data logging capabilities can record the oxygen resolution in the purge chamber over a period of time, either continuously or in periodic, “spot” intervals.

When the purge process is complete, the monitor’s audiovisual alarm sounds and flashes, allowing the operator to focus on other tasks until notified.

All units, which are programmable in English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish, come with customer conversion software that enables capture and export of 50 data points to Microsoft Excel® and plain text format.

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