Load cells are accurate to 0.3 percent

December 16, 2008

For OEM equipment and custom machinery, Baumer Ltd. has introduced DLRx load cells, which are sensors designed to measure force in a range of harsh industrial environments. Featuring IP65/IP67 protection and stainless steel housings, the load cell line delivers fast signal processing and accuracy to 0.3 percent, the company states.

Designed to offer transverse sensitivity by compensating for noncentrally applied forces, the load cells offer accurate force absorption and precise, low-noise dynamic signal processing during all measuring applications, according to the manufacturer. The sensors can be used to measure both compression and tension/compression over the entire conventional force range of 0.5 to 100 kN.

The load cells start at 1.26 in. dia., making them suitable for installation in limited-space environments. They can be used in static or highly dynamic applications and are suitable for force measurement, weight measurement, and force monitoring.

Applications include large OEM equipment such as injection molding machines, stamping equipment, packaging machines, and medical equipment. The load cells can be ordered as passive units or equipped with an amplifier to form a complete measuring chain.