New options added to inspection software

May 17, 2012

New options added to inspection software -

Delcam offers the 2012 release of its PowerInspect inspection software. The new version includes a number of extra options to simplify inspection, as well as basic reverse engineering functionality to the point-cloud module.

According to the company, this 64-bit version provides high calculation speeds, especially when large CAD files need to be manipulated or very complex parts with multiple components need to be inspected.

The software works on all types of inspection devices and provides routines for making simple measurements, inspecting geometric features, and checking complex surfaces. The resulting reports present detailed information in a format that can be understood by all engineers, the manufacturer says.

A new mirror command has been added for symmetrical components, allowing the inspection sequence to be from one half of a component to the other half or from the left-hand version of the design to the right-hand copy.

Another new feature is a point-cloud module for laser scanners and other point-cloud devices. STL export provides basic reverse engineering functionality for scanned data and, if needed, files can be used within the company's PowerShape Pro design software for more advanced reverse engineering operations.

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