Part movement system for CMMs helps increase productivity, throughput

December 15, 2009

Mod Tech Industries Inc. has released the Air Assist Movement (AAM) system, designed to help increase the productivity and throughput of CMMs. The system comprises two plates, locator stops, bumpers or guide rails, an air supply, and controls.

The system allows for one manufactured part to be measured on a plate while another product is being set up on a second plate at the same time. When the first part has been measured, it is moved from the measuring location to its home position by floating on a cushion of air. The second plate then is relocated to the measuring location by the same process, leaving the first plate available for another part setup.

This process of exchange continues in an alternate sequence for as many like parts or different parts as there are to be measured. With the recommended air supply, a plate can lift and move more than 500 lbs., making it adaptable for use on most CMMs.