SPC system inspects tight-tolerance parts, calibrates gauge blocks

July 14, 2009

The Heidenhain ND 287 inspection system combines a Certo length gauge with an ND 287 digital readout (DRO) equipped with SPC. Common applications include inspection of parts with tight tolerances and gauge block calibration.

The length gauge measures from 0 to 0.98 in. with &#plusmn;0.1-µm accuracy and &#plusmn;0.03 -µm after error compensation. It also measures from 0 to 2.36 in. at &#plusmn;0.01-µm accuracy and &#plusmn;0.05 µm after error compensation. Error compensation is handled and stored in conjunction with manual input of values from the accuracy chart included with each length gauge.

The system allows up to four inputs with varying interfaces, and toggling between multiple gauges, sensors, and encoders is simplified. The SPC function gives users the ability to write up to 10,000 measured values to an internal memory and evaluate them statistically. The stored data is output via USB or RS-232 interfaces.