UV borescopes designed for NDT dye penetration tests

April 14, 2009

Lenox Instrument Co. has introduced a line of UV borescopes designed to be used in NDT dye penetration tests. They can remotely detect surface flaws and cracks in hard-to-reach areas of mechanical components normally inaccessible to visual inspection.

A penetrant fluorescent dye is applied to the surface to be viewed and allowed to penetrate into surface defects. The dye remains in defects after cleaning and can be observed when it fluoresces under the borescope's UV light.

The borescopes come in rigid, flexible, and section styles. They can identify details and flaws as small as 0.001 in. They are available with a choice of probes (direct, forward oblique, to-the-side, or retrospective), magnifications, and fields of view. Diameters are from 0.157 in. to 0.395 in. and lengths from 7 in. to 63 in.

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