Vision sensor delivers 1.3 megapixel resolution

May 10, 2005

The PresencePLUS® P4 GEO 1.3 vision sensor from Banner Engineering Corp. uses a 1.3-megapixel imager to capture minute details of multiple features at ranges from a few inches to several feet, depending on the lens, allowing the unit to perform an inspection that used to require multiple devices.

The sensor can detect subtle differences in target features, making it suitable for industries that must manufacture defect-free products. The sensor is available with inline and right-angle lens positions. The inline version is 136.1 mm long, and the right-angle version is 124.5 mm long. Both versions are 66.8 mm wide.

The sensor's mounting brackets allow for easy attachment to machines or conveyors. The unit's three bicolor LED indicators show unit status during setup and operation, and it runs on a 24 VDC.

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