Articulated waterjet cutting head allows nozzle tilting of 0 to 60 degrees from vertical position

October 13, 2009

OMAX® has introduced the new A-Jet™ articulated jet cutting head. It cuts accurate beveled edges at angles determined by the machine operator or part program.

Controlled by the company's proprietary Intelli-MAX® software, the cutting head adds two motion axes that allow tilting the nozzle over a range of 0 to 60 degrees from the vertical position.

The new component can be used to produce beveled edges when cutting countersunk holes, and it can cut parts with complex geometries. The accessory features a fixed-focal-point design in which the XYZ axes need not be moved as the head tilts.

With its additional axes of motion, the cutting head also allows production of beveled edges in preparation for welding operations. According to the company, use of the accessory can eliminate many secondary machining and grinding operations.

The cutting head's large-diameter tubing with minimal pressure loss allows the use of large, high-power nozzles, and it is supplied with a MAXJET®5i diamond integrated nozzle. Use of a high-power nozzle allows for increased cutting speed.

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