Intensifier pump developed for waterjet systems

May 13, 2008

Bystronic Inc. has introduced the Bypump 50 APC (active pressure control) intensifier pump for its line of Byjet precision abrasive waterjet cutting systems.

The pump incorporates a dual-cylinder intensifier design. With CNC for each of the cylinders, the pump maintains constant pressure without requiring a pressure accumulator. The constant pressure allows the pump to cut at fast speeds and with less abrasive, states the company.

The pump outputs 1.3 GPM of water, allowing one-head cutting with a 0.016-in. orifice or two-head with 0.011-in. orifices. If more than two cutting heads are required, users can add additional pumps in series. If one pump is offline for maintenance, the other pump can still produce parts.

The intensifier is designed to allow fast, simple seal changes, according to the manufacturer. All components within the pump are accessible. Diagnostics within the pump control allow users to monitor more than 20 signals to simplify troubleshooting. Users can access the diagnostics signals at the pump itself or through the Byvision control included with each of the company's waterjet systems.