Metering allows operators to fine-tune waterjet abrasive amounts on-the-fly

October 14, 2008

Bystronic Inc. now offers CNC abrasive metering on all of its Byjet abrasive waterjet cutting systems. This allows operators to fine-tune the amount of abrasive that the waterjet will use, on-the-fly, from 0 to 1.5 lbs. per minute.

The waterjet can be adjusted to use less abrasive when applications require a smoother edge and more abrasive when maximum speed is desired. Abrasive consumption typically can be reduced by about 50 percent during piercing time, the company says.

Abrasive nozzle wear is minimized by optimizing the amount of abrasive that is going through the nozzle at any point in time. CNC abrasive metering, in conjunction with the Bypump 50 APC's ability to change pressure on-the-fly, provides the opportunity to use etching for part identification or for layout markings in downstream operations.