Two-, four-, and five-axis waterjets offered

May 9, 2006

MC Machinery Systems Inc. now offers three waterjets—the Classica, a two-axis unit; the Suprema, a four-axis with tilt head; and the Evolution, a five-axis unit.

The Classica features 2-D CAD/CAM software with nesting capabilities and an accuracy and repeatability of ± 0.004 in.

Suprema and Evolution include software that features intelligent tapering control, which automatically corrects tapering of the cut. The CNC tilts the waterjets ± 7 degrees, allowing for increased cutting speeds in a contour. Both can achieve accuracy and repeatability of ± 0.001 in.

Evolution's 3-D system uses a self-positioning rotation point device on the material to maintain automatically a constant distance from the nozzle to the workpiece. This protects the nozzle through a working range from flat work to a contoured interpolation of ± 69 degrees.

The waterjets are available with one or two heads and feature a stainless steel table for simplified maintenance and clean cutting conditions. Tables are available in many sizes.