Waterjet cutting system processes large sheets

March 11, 2008

Bystronic Inc. has introduced the Byjet L, an abrasive waterjet cutting system designed to process large sheet sizes. The machine is suitable for steel service centers and companies that process large volumes of waterjet-cut parts or large sheets.

The base frame of the machine has a modular construction that can be expanded in 6.5-ft. increments based on user needs. Models include the Byjet L 2030, which has a 6.5-ft. by 10-ft. cutting area, and the 16030 with a 52.5-ft. by 10-ft. cutting area. All models include two High Precision Technology (HPT) abrasive waterjet cutting heads with automatic head spacing, height sensing, and collision protection on each cutting head. Optional third and fourth cutting heads are available.

Removable cassettes allow quick loading and unloading of material. The use of bulk abrasive bags is facilitated by the bulk bag extension kit, allowing the machine to run uninterrupted for longer periods of time without the need for abrasive replenishment, the company states.

The system also includes a Bysoft CAD/CAM software package designed to optimize nesting for multiple-head cutting and a ByVision control that provides a Windows®-based operator interface. Options for abrasive removal and water leveling also are available.

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