Waterjet intensifier pump suitable for use in remote, mobile locations

April 15, 2008

The iP55-280DS diesel-powered waterjet intensifier pump from Jet Edge Inc.—suitable for use in remote and mobile locations in which electricity is scarce—is powered by a 280-HP Cummins turbo diesel engine that meets domestic and international Tier 3 emissions standards.

The intensifier pump can produce a flow rate of up to 4.1 GPM of 55,000-PSI, ultrahigh-pressure water for cutting, surface preparation, and cleaning applications. It uses a pressure-compensated hydraulic system to drive dual plunger-style intensifiers. Hydraulic fluid power provides smooth-flowing UHP water to extend system life, the company reports. Precise control of the electronically shifted intensifiers helps optimize performance.

The pump is built on a skid-mounted frame with lifting eyes and forklift guides for mobility.

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