Tube and Pipe Fabrication

The tube and pipe fabrication technology area covers sawing (band, circular, and friction) and other cutting processes, such as abrasive, flame, laser, oxyfuel, plasma, and waterjet. It also discusses forming processes, including bending and end forming. Finally, it includes a handful of miscellaneous processes, such as trimming, beveling, finning, grooving, threading, and spinning.

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Field machining tool handles pipes up to 67.5-in. OD

March 24, 2014

H&S Tool has introduced the BFC-66 field machining tool for pipes up to 67.5 in. OD. The 0.75-in. locator pad adjustment offers increased working range coverage per pad extension to help minimize the number of extensions required to machine the minimum diameter of 52 in. The tool has a drive...

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Tri Tool to open Houston facility

March 19, 2014

Tri Tool Inc., Rancho Cordova, Calif., has announced plans to open a 15,000-sq.-ft. office and warehouse in Houston to serve the offshore and onshore pipeline oil and gas industries in the Gulf region. Attendees at the grand opening on May 7 will be able to view the facility and see live...

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Pipe marking unit includes digital inclinometer gauge

March 18, 2014

Sumner Mfg. offers the Sumner Center Punch for measuring angles and marking pipe. It includes a digital inclinometer gauge which displays angles to the nearest hundredth. The gauge is set on an angled magnetic base, from which it can be removed, that contains a push-button, spring-loaded striking...

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Machine bends and cuts tube in one process

March 14, 2014


A typical bending machine process is feed-bend-feed-bend, or maybe feed-bend-feed- rotate-bend, until the feedstock is used up. However, this isn’t the end of the fabrication process, which includes a subsequent cutting step. The cut often means waste, especially for short-length parts, and the problem is compounded when the volume is high or the material is expensive. Read about how one bender manufacturer changed the process to feed-bend-separate-feed-rotate-bend-separate.

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All-electric tube bender delivers high levels of automation

March 10, 2014

The Elect XL150 all-electric tube bender from BLM Group USA bends tubes up to 6 in. dia. The unit can handle applications with few or no straights between bends and those requiring tight-radius bends. The precise control and positioning of the bender’s electric axes help ensure that optimum...

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Team Industries receives award from Bechtel

March 4, 2014

Team Industries Inc., a provider of pipe fabrication, fabricated vessels, and welding positioners and grippers in Frederick, Md., is one of 56 companies honored with the annual Bechtel Power Subcontractor and Supplier Recognition Award. Companies were nominated by Bechtel Power project teams from...

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Tri Tool adds high-production CNC counterbore service in Houston

March 4, 2014

Tri Tool Inc., Rancho Cordova, Calif., has established a high-production counterboring service to meet the demand for deep counterbore machining of steel catenary risers and critical pipeline needs in the Gulf of Mexico. Located in Houston, Tri Tool Services operates a high-speed system that can be...

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European Heathyards applies for ASME S stamp

February 27, 2014

Midlands, U.K.-based European Heathyards, a fabricator of tube, plate, and section structures, has applied to ASME for S Stamp accreditation. The company serves the power generation, petrochemical, environmental, water, and offshore sectors. The certification will apply to boilers in which steam...

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Steelhead Composites acquires metal spin forming technology

February 27, 2014

Steelhead Composites, a Denver-based designer and manufacturer of lightweight pressure vessels, has purchased and installed a heavy-duty CNC neck forming machine manufactured by MJC Eng. and Technology. The machine is designed for manufacturing high-pressure cylinders, allowing the fabrication of...

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tube bending

Tube and pipe basics: How to achieve the perfect bend

February 24, 2014

Although tube bending technology has evolved significnatly over the years, the process still boils down to four factors: the material, machine, tooling, and lubrication.

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Pipe cutting attachment designed for laser system

February 20, 2014

Kern Laser Systems has introduced a new pipe cutting option for its Micro and HSE laser systems. The rotary attachment implements a small, lathe-type chuck and brushless servomotor, resulting in smooth, accurate cutting, the company says. The machine can handle pipes up to 62 in. long and 6 in....

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End finishing/inspection machine has seven stations working simultaneously

February 17, 2014

Haven has developed a custom machine for prehydroform tube machining, inspection, and identification for a supplier of aluminum automotive frame components. The machine has seven stations working simultaneously to complete a finished tube every 5 sec. The sequence of operation is double end...

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Pipe, flange protection products can be installed, removed by hand

February 12, 2014

Mocap has introduced a new line of pipe and flange protection products, including pipe caps, pipe plugs, outside-fitting flange protectors, push-in flange protectors, and bolt hole flange protectors. The products can be installed and removed by hand. They are designed to protect many sizes and...

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Demagnetization coils help decrease weld repairs

February 10, 2014

Western Instruments offers the WD series magnetizing and demagnetizing coils for such applications as downhole drilling assemblies, particularly for horizontal well drilling, as well as pipeline construction and repairs. According to the manufacturer, preweld demagnetization of line pipe helps...

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Tube and pipe cutting software drives multiple 3-D laser cutting machines

February 4, 2014

SigmaTek Systems LLC has released SigmaTUBE® tube and pipe cutting software for round, square, rectangular, and triangular tube and pipe. It also supports structural materials such as I-beams, H-beams, C-channel, and angle iron. Custom programs are available for use with Mazak FabriGear,...

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