Aluminum Welding Products

The aluminum welding technology area has instructions, tips, and product information geared specifically toward welding this lightweight, versatile material.

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GMAW machine has seven voltage taps

October 9, 2007

The 77-lb. Handler® 210 all-in-one GMAW machine from Hobart Welding Products has 25 to 210 amps of welding power in a 77-lb. package. It welds mild steel up to 3/8 in. and aluminum up to 1/4 in.,...

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Autodarkening replacement lens fits most 5- by 5-in. helmets

December 13, 2005

The retrofit, 5 - by 4 -in. variable-shade autodarkening replacement lens from Weldmark fits most 5- by 4-in. welding helmets.The solar-powered lens includes a battery backup and has a 1.90- by...

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Spool gun suitable for aluminum GMAW

September 14, 2004

MK Products' Sidewinder™ Mini-Spool™ gun with small diameter wire feeding capacity is suitable for aluminum GMAW.Weighing 26 oz. with the wire spool, the ergonomically designed gun is...

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