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Type 27 blending wheel finishes fillet welds

August 4, 2016

Rex-Cut’s Type 27 blending wheel, designed for controlled blending, helps fabricators blend fillet welds while keeping the integrity of the weld intact. The wheel is shaped into a curved edge, giving the user the ability to create a true radius shape every time, says the company. The disc is...

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6-in. belt sander available

July 27, 2016

The model S6MS 6-inch belt sander from Kalamazoo Industries features a 6- by 48-in. variable-position belt with direct-drive coupling, quick belt release, full safety guard, and a reversible platen tilt work table. The machine features a cast-iron frame, heavy-duty steel stand, manual switch,...

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Sanding disc’s new grain blend increases material removal

July 15, 2016

Walter Surface Technologies has introduced the redesigned Topcut™ sanding disc, featuring a new formulation of blue zirconium grain blend to remove material 50 percent faster than the previous model. The new grain blend is designed for finishing applications on steel and stainless steel. The...

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Pneumatic tools reach difficult-to access spaces

June 30, 2016

Suhner Industrial Products LLC offers a new line of Suhner Abrasive Expert pneumatic tools with a compact design. They feature an exhaust air guide directed to the back, combined with a safety lever valve and silencer. The angle and straight grinders are designed for nearly vibration-free...

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Flap discs go from rough grinding to smooth finishing in one step

June 29, 2016

POLIFAN®-Curve flap discs from Pferd Inc. are designed for rough and finish grinding in fillet weld applications. The patented, proprietary design goes from rough grinding to smooth finishing in a single step. The tool removes weld seams and slag, leaving a finish smooth enough for...

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Catalog features industrial brushes, polishing compounds

June 28, 2016

Osborn has published a product catalog of its industrial brushes, polishing compounds, and buffs. It includes tips for selecting the right products, as well as application guides. The catalog includes instructions on how to find specific products by categories, which include type of brush, brush...

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Sample parts blackening available for evaluation

June 27, 2016

Birchwood Technologies offers free sample finishing of iron, steel, and aluminum parts to demonstrate its finishing processes. Prospective customers can send in five to 10 unfinished parts with a sample request form for the company to process in its lab. The firm then provides process details and...

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Large, external-mix spray nozzles coat, cool, treat, and paint

June 23, 2016

Exair’s new 1/2 NPT large, external-mix spray nozzles atomize fluids up to 303 gal./hr. The nozzles are suitable for use with high volumes of liquid with viscosity up to 800 cP. The nozzles, available in a narrow-angle, flat-fan pattern, combine liquid and compressed air to create a coating...

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Centerless grinding wheels help improve stock removal

June 15, 2016

Saint-Gobain Abrasives has launched Norton Century45™ centerless grinding wheels, which feature a chemistry that helps improve grain retention, increasing porosity for a given hardness. This allows wheels to have a hard grade with the performance of a softer grade. The wheels are available...

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Corded grinder line introduced

June 2, 2016

Walter Surface Technologies has introduced a line of corded grinders for cutting, grinding, sanding, and cleaning applications. They feature an ergonomic, antivibration side handle; a tool-free guard; and a safety clutch that neutralizes momentum and eliminates backlash. The Mini-Grinder™ and...

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Linear finishing set suitable for rough stock removal, cosmetic finishing

June 1, 2016

Pferd Inc. has introduced a new linear finishing set for applications including rough stock removal, surface conditioning, and cosmetic finishing on all metals. The set includes a 5-in.-dia. POLINOX® nonwoven PNZ finishing drum, featuring interleaved layers of nonwoven material and abrasive...

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Zinc-rich electrocoat designed for high-corrosion applications

May 31, 2016

PPG has introduced the DRAGONHIDE™ ZRE finish system, a duplex coating system engineered with SPECTRACRON® zinc-rich primer between the base metal substrate and electrocoat finish that helps improve the corrosion resistance of underbody parts and subframe finishes on automobiles. When the...

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Carbide-roll burnishing tools produce mirror-like surface finish

May 6, 2016

Monaghan Tooling Group offers carbide-roll burnishing tools from Elliott Tool Technology that produce a mirror-like surface finish while eliminating secondary operations and machining setups. The rolls help improve surface irregularities and tool marks, producing surface finishes of 4 to 20...

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Mini blackening system suitable for coating small quantities of metal parts

May 5, 2016

Birchwood Technologies offers the PRESTO BLACK® BK-1 mini room-temperature blackening system. It imparts corrosion and galling protection on small quantities of iron and steel parts. The 15-min. process produces a nearly nondimensional coating of less than 0.5 micron thickness. It is suitable...

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Ceramic oxide wheels designed for weld grinding, chamfering

April 25, 2016

Pferd Inc. has introduced CO 24 Q SG depressed-center grinding wheels featuring a ceramic oxide grain for working with steel and stainless steel. With a hardness grade Q, they can be used for weld grinding, chamfering, deburring, and surface grinding. Suitable for use on high-powered angle...

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