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Arc Welding 101: What does a “repair WPS” mean?

March 28, 2016 | By Paul Cameron

When a code requires a repair weld procedure specification (WPS), what exactly does that mean? PWC explains.

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AC/DC GTAW system delivers strikes as low as 5 amps

March 22, 2016

The CK Worldwide MT200-AC/DC GTAW system is compact and portable for use in tight workspaces. It features an interface that provides simple welding parameter adjustments. The unit offers two dynamic modes for GTAW and SMAW for use by novice to master welders. Delivering arc strikes as low as 5...

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Recruiting, retaining welders with dollars and sense

March 21, 2016 | By Eric Lundin

While the Great Recession was a calamity for many businesses, some also had a bit of trouble recovering from the downturn. Trailer builder Featherlite had trouble retaining workers, but realized that it could compete against higher wages offered elsewhere by improving the way it went about recruiting, hiring, and training newly hired workers.

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Ready, set, interview

March 17, 2016 | By Dan Turner

Yuba College welding instructor and Practical Welding Today Editorial Advisory Committee member Dan Turner has been on both sides of the interview process. In this first installment of Viewpoint, Turner shares advice for job-searching welders on the art of the job interview.

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6 tips for better GTAW results

March 16, 2016 | By Mark Kadlec

Keep these tips in mind for GTAW applications to help you save time and money in rework and to help ensure a quality finished weld. Taking some extra steps in preparation and setup can help you complete the job on schedule and avoid the cost and hassle of troubleshooting or rework later in the welding process.

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GTAW power unit features 20 levels of programming

March 8, 2016

Otto Arc Systems Inc. has introduced the OW-ARC 180 GTAW power supply, which uses both fusion and open-wire feeder heads and more than 20 levels of programming. Features including a 10-in. color screen, USB port, remote pendant, printer, fault detection, and water cooling system are integrated...

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Hot tubbin' and grillin'

March 2, 2016 | By Amanda Carlson

Omaha, Neb., man with the need to create found two unique uses for a couple of old '57 Chevy cars. The first, a working grill. The second, a hot tub and tabletop bar.

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Welder training—The fundamentals, Part II

February 23, 2016 | By Professor R. Carlisle "Carl" Smith

Oxyacetylene welding and brazing are among the first processes beginning welding students learn. This article focuses on the uses and techniques that may be unfamiliar to much of the welding community.

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Thinking about submerged arc welding?

February 18, 2016 | By Paul Rieder, P. Eng., Ryan Holt, P. Eng.

Knowing your applications will help you determine what auxiliary equipment you need to manipulate a submerged arc welding head and get the productivity you want.

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Lincoln Electric releases 2016 training seminar schedule for all instruction levels

February 17, 2016

Through its Welding School and Technical Training department, Lincoln Electric has announced it will offer a diverse selection of educational programming at its Cleveland headquarters throughout 2016. Multiday seminars will offer training on topics from welding basics and specific alloy...

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Portable welding system offers mobility

February 17, 2016

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced the new SubArc portable welding system, a self-contained, ready-to-weld system that can be positioned and adapted to meet the needs of the application. Built to provide flexibility in SAW applications, including those found in pressure vessel, pipe...

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Still Building America—Giving a young welder a chance

February 17, 2016 | By Josh Welton

With the right skills and support, it’s possible for talented welding students to move directly into a good job with growth potential.

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Orbital pipe welding systems feature autoprogramming

February 15, 2016

Magnatech’s Pipemaster power source models are used for multipass orbital pipe welding. The 515 model has a 150-amp output, and the 516 model either 200- or 400-amp output. They control weld head mechanical functions for torch rotation, wire feed, torch oscillation, arc voltage control, and...

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10 things welding students need for class

February 11, 2016 | By Josh Welton

Getting the most out of your welding classes requires some tools of the trade. Well-prepared students need these 10 items.

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Miller announces 2016 sweepstakes

February 4, 2016

Miller Electric Mfg. Co., Appleton, Wis., has announced the 2016 New Year – New Build Sweepstakes, which will award new welding equipment and gear to 23 winners over a 90-day period. Visitors to can complete the entry up to once monthly through April 30, 2016, for...

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